Adult Martial Arts

To start with I was just in the studio each time my husband and daughter were in for class. But after 3months of that I decided to give the classes a go to improve my personal fitness which, as a long time asthmatic, has been a stumbling block for years.

Since joining Weir BBA I have noticed a big improvement in my asthma, even with extensive exercise I am not having to use my inhaler as much. I now have the self confidence to compete for Weir fight team both within the club and outside the club at national and international level which is something that I would have never had the confidence to do before. And aside from the great improvement to fitness and the great coaches and instructors that have lead to my boost in ability and self confidence, my family and I have met some amazing people and made great friends and have been made to feel welcome in the club since day 1.

--Stephanie Duncan (29 years old)

My family have known the Weir Family for many years, through the good and the bad we have laughed, cried, trained and accomplished more than you or we could ever imagine. They have become more than just a family martial arts club, they have become our friends.
--The Boyter/Brands Family

4 years myself & family have been coming here. I can't thank them enough for the support, encouragement, friendships & all we have learned. Been through some tough times but here anything is possible. Always leave feeling better. Train with a fantastic bunch of individuals also. It's a family run business that make you feel part of the family!
--Sharon Thompson

I joined because it looked like a lot of fun and I really needed to get fitter and lose some weight.

Since joining I've definitely gained in fitness and lost some weight but I've gained more than I thought I would. I love being a mum and wife but it's really nice to go somewhere where I'm just Tracey. I can go and be me for a while and forget about shopping, cleaning, cooking, who needs collected/dropped off etc. I've met some amazing people and had many laughs. I'd be lost without it now. It's my second home and family. It's like cheers without the bar!
--Tracey Smith

Kids Martial Arts

Our main reason for putting Ellie is because she wanted to come after doing a taster session with Jack 'n' Jill Nursery at 3years old and came home buzzing from attending, and also we knew being a family run business she would get the best training.

Ellie has gained a huge amount from joining, she knows that she doesn't need to win every time it's the taking part that counts, as soon as she bows onto the mats the respect she has for Sensei Steve and Sensei Ross is huge,but the most important is she loves attending.
--Ellie Graham (6 years old)

I signed up Dylan in the hope that we could channel some of his energy in a more positive manner!

Dylan has definitely calmed down a lot. He will listen to what is being asked of him and will focus more. He enjoys mixing with his friends and gaining approval of all who teach and help on the mats.

In short he was the Duracell bunny. Now he's the Duracell bunny but cares how his actions affect people.
--Dylan Smith (4 years old)

I signed Adam up in the hope that he would gain self confidence. He was about to start a new school where he knew nobody and was very much out of his comfort zone.

Adam has definitely gained in self confidence, settled into school with no issues. Will happily join in with any group and wants to do all activities without considering who will be there. This is no longer a concern for him. I don't worry about him now when in new situations.
--Adam Smith (6 years old)

I'm Lindsay and I have 2 children, Jack is 6 and Ellie is 3, we were looking for a club for Jack and we found weir bba, Jack started kickboxing and has done 2 competitions, several gradings and loves it, his confidence has grown so much that his sister started too! It's been amazing for them both and have made a lot of friends. I myself started kickboxing and have since done 2 gradings and a competition which is astounding considering I hated exercise but seeing what the kids get out of it I just had to join in! The weir family are amazing with each and every student and families, we as a family have grown since moving to Elgin, best move we ever did!
--Jack (6 years old) & Ellie (3 years old)